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Welcome to UKASTLE - the UK Association of Street Lighting Enthusiasts. Whether you're a lighting devotee, a collector of lanterns, a photographer or just someone who is curious to find out more, please register with us and enjoy being a part of this association.

For every season of the year, we feature a showcase image which defines the epitome of street lighting. Here we showcase the finest seasonal-themed streetlighting images that we have to offer. Members can submit what they believe to be the best images they have for a certain period of time, then later the UKASTLE community will vote on these images and the winning image is then displayed here for all to see.


The winning photo for the late Winter seasonal competition is by Phosco152 and shows a pair of day burning GEC Z5647 35W SOX lanterns on sleeved Stanton concrete columns catching the sunshine on the 1st day of spring in Welwyn Garden City

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