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Whilst the Ukastle group takes every effort to ensure information here is accurate and up to date, there is no guarantee of this. If you spot an inaccuracy, in the first instance, the contact will be Phosco152 (the Director of Information). Should a need arise requiring technical support, the advice is to contact mazeteam (Technical Support Co-ordinator). If you are a member, contact with the site team should be done via the forum's Private Message (PM) system. If you are a guest (unregistered user) then please fill out a contact form.

Content Ownership

Unless otherwise specified, the content included on these pages is group-owned by Ukastle. Members who create sections or pages have every right to state copyright over their work - but where this is not present, the content is © Ukastle.

Images posted here are normally done so under Creative Commons license, and so may be redistributed free of charge for non-commercial uses. If an image is required for commercial use, the owner of the image should be contacted so that any copyright fees to use the image can be cleared.