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The UKASTLE Site Team is also referred to as 'Admins/Mods'. All members of the Site Team moderate the forums. Phosco152, mazeteam and Alex have additional management responsibilities and form the 'UKASTLE management' or 'Senior Management'.


Alex is the founder of UKASTLE, setting it up in 2007. He is the Director of Forum Operations meaning he has an oversight of forum administration, membership and moderation. He is also in charge of website admin as a whole and is particularly concerned with quality of service, external communications and the overall organisation of the website.


Mazeteam has been part of the UKASTLE site team since the early stages, but became a forum admin in late 2008. Since building the new site in late 2009, Chris oversees website development with a particular focus on the gallery, which includes co-ordinating the photo competitions. Mazeteam also offers technical support to users.


Phosco152 has been part of the site team since 2009. As well as co-ordinating finance, Phosco152 is the main moderator of the forums. He is also responsible for the reference section and updating the external links part of the website.


Steve has been a member of the site team since 2007. He isn't part of UKASTLE management but does still assist with moderating the forums and contributing to site team discussions.