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Capacitors for control gear

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The information below was provided Claire Pendrous.

It is intended to be used as a guide for selection of Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors for use with common types of UK (230/240V ac) control gear. Ballast connection diagrams should always be consulted for the actual capacitor required.

Voltage ratings should be noted where specified (no rating specified - assume 230/240V ac) as some control gear uses series connected capacitors which require a voltage rating higher than the supply voltage. Use only capacitors intended for direct and permanent connections to the mains.

18W SOX: 4 or 5uF

35/55W (ignitor gear), SOX 50W MBF: 6uF or 6.5uF

60W SLI/H, 80W MBF/U or 50W SON: 8uF

90W SOX (ignitor gear), 125W MBF or 70W SON Metal Halide: 10uF

100W SON/Metal Halide: 10 or 13uF

35/55W SOX (Leak gear), 150W SON, 250W MBF/U, 2.15 Amp Metal Halide: 13 to 16uF

90W SOX (Leak gear), 140W SLI/H (Leak gear), 400W MBF/U, 3.15 Amp Metal Halide: 20 to 25uF

135W/180W SOX on a Philips L4135 Ballast: 20uF 300v capacitor, or a 15uF 440v on other makes e.g GEC, Parmar etc

135W SOX on Philips ignitor gear: 6.8uF 400v.

The Philips CWA Ballasts for SOX-E are different as they are rated from 300 to 660 volts - best check control gear

250W SON, 700W MBF/U or 3 amp Metal Halide: 32uF

400W SON or 4.5 amp Metal Halide: 40uF