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For sale/wanted - new noticeboard facility
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Author:  sotonsteve [ Thu Dec 26, 2013 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  For sale/wanted - new noticeboard facility

To improve the way in which UKASTLE members sell or request items a new service has been set up. It has been split into two threads within the "Collections" subforum, titled "Items up for sale" and "Items wanted".

Rather than UKASTLE members making postings on the "For Sale/Wanted" thread, which had reached 58 pages length when closed today, the site management team shall maintain up to date lists of street lighting items up for sale or wanted.

This has the following benefits:

1. Items will be listed for as long as members want them listed, and removed from the lists once a transaction has been made.
2. Older postings will no longer get hidden in the depths of history by successive postings and pages of postings, and remain highly visible.
3. There will be just one posting on one page (each for "Items up for sale" and "Items wanted"), making it much easier to view listings, with no more trawling through pages of postings.

The new facility does require the help of its users though. The information shall be as up to date as the member posting the information enables it to be.

Members will not list items themselves on the forum. Members should instead send a personal message (PM) to a member of the site management team and request for an item to be listed, later requesting for the item to be removed from the list. Please see the links below for more information.


For members wishing to sell items of street lighting, or members wishing to browse a selection of items up for sale, please click here to visit the "Items up for sale" thread, and follow the instructions.

For members wishing to put in a request for street lighting items wanted, and members who feel they can help out, please click here to visit the "Items wanted" thread, and follow the instructions.

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