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Photo Competitions Rules - Amended May 2012
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Author:  mazeteam [ Tue May 22, 2012 7:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Photo Competitions Rules - Amended May 2012

A - Nominating a picture:
A1 - Any member who can create a post and enter photos into the Gallery can enter a photo to be included in a POTS competition.
A2 - Unless otherwise indicated (e.g. Festive Special), each member may enter ONE PHOTO to be used in a POTS competition on any given round.
A3 - Previous entries may not be resubmitted
A4 - The winning image from a competition will be displayed on the UKASTLE home page, therefore it is preferred if images nominated for a POTS have dimensions between 640 x 480 pixels and 1024 x 768 pixels. If the image you upload doesn't automatically resize, it will be done manually by the Gallery Co-ordinator
A5 - Images nominated must have a street light in clear view somewhere within the picture.
A6 - It is a member’s responsibility to ensure that anything in their image that does not violate the Terms of Service of UKASTLE before uploading

B - Voting:
B1 - After the time limit for uploading has expired, any further images entered for the POTS competition in question will not be considered.
B2 -  Voting will be open for 7 days.
B3 - Votes can be re-cast to vote for a different image, if the member who made the vote has a change of heart
B4 - Members are not permitted to vote for their own image

C - Voting Deadlock:
C1 - If the initial round of voting produces a tie break (more than 2 way tie is possible and permitted) a second round of voting will take place between the tied entries
C2 - In the event of a Deadlock, a NEW thread will be opened entitled "{year} Photo of the Month - {month} - the Light-Off!", which is a play on the term 'face-off'
C3 - The nominated photos within the Light-Off round will contain the same identification numbers as they did in the initial round of voting
C4 - Tie break voting will be open for 48 hours only and votes made cannot be re-cast to a different image
C5 - In the unlikely event that voting in the Light-Off round gives a tied 1st place result, then ALL TIED IMAGES within that round will become the winning photos

D - When an image is not showing:
D1 - If a member cannot see their image after submission or it is displayed incorrectly then that member is to contact an admin/moderator by PM. It is a member’s responsibility to check that their submission is displayed correctly. If an image has not been showing due to an error with the file upload process, the Gallery Co-ordinator at the time may encourage the member who has uploaded the photo in question to upload it again or to upload it to a different web server
D2 - If the failure of an image being shown has been deemed to have impeeded the voting process (which will be decided upon both by the Gallery Co-ordinator, and Alex, and possibly any other admin/moderators should the Gallery Co-ordinator and Alex not be able to agree) then one or more of the following may occur:-
  • the voting process re-opened with all images showing properly
  • a formal apology be made on the forum itself

E - Notes:
E1 - Discussion about the images may be made at any time within the entries/voting thread for the month in question, as this thread is not locked after nominations/voting has closed
E2 - Members who have nominated images to the photo competition for the season in question should regularly check the POTS thread for any notifications or announcements regarding the nominations or voting round
E3 - Photo Of The Season competitions will  be held January, April, July and October, with a festive special for December
E4 - Winning photos are automatically synchronised into the display list for the photo slideshow which shows on the Home portal section of the UKASTLE website.
E5 - Votes will be checked by a php script that is in place within the UKASTLE System Manager, which can be accessed by the SMT, before the winning image is announced.

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